Zoobookoo Cube Book of Australian Animals

SKU: 9781904359562

Zoobookoo Australian Animals Cube Books are fun informative cube made up of 16 smaller cubes that fold out and back in again displaying different information on a specific topic.


Australian Animals Cube Books features detailed illustrations and facts covering: Koala, Red Kangaroo, Platypus, Wombat, Galah, Emu, Echidna, Frill necked lizard, Goanna, Kookaburra, Dingo and Tasmanian devil.


With a tactile bright, fun design, children of all ages (and even adults!) will be intrigued and ready to learn!  The cube books are covered with rip-resistant synthetic paper.


ZooBooKoo Educational Cube Books have been created to give bite size chunks of information to help recall and avoid overloading. The cubes are in a tactile format that intrigues all ages, as they turn it inside out the information just keeps flowing. Just like a good book - you cannot put them down! Great for use in the classroom, at home or on the move - infectious fun learning all the time. 


Suits 6+