We Became Jaguars

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Revel in the breathtaking fantasticality of this transformative new book from the daring mind of bestselling author Dave Eggers. When Grandma comes to visit and a young boy's parents leave, the rules of the house—and the world—change: grandson and grandmother transform into jaguars together! Through Eggers's signature knack for the surreal, readers follow their journey into the lush, undiscovered world of nature, experience true freedom, and lose themselves in the exhilarating power of pretending. After a day of playing, running, and climbing through sumptuous landscapes, the ending will leave you wondering what's real and what's make-believe. Woodrow White's gorgeous natural world is sure to inspire entire new realms in the imagination! And the depiction of the family bond—always unique—will enchant anyone looking for something truly special to give to their loved one. Children, parents, and grandparents alike will fall prey to this vivid celebration of imagination and the power of love to leave you forever altered.