Flip, roll and do tricks! Tap the Tumbler gently and watch it flip over and over, righting itself every time! How many flips can you make, before it falls? Play with friends and test your dexterity. Keep it flipping over for as long as you can, passing it along with each flip.  How to play:  Tip the Tumble 360 over gently, and it will right itself, and flip over again. Once you master it, can you create a shape? Flip at 4 points to create a square or at 3 points to create a triangle, or can you flip and hold? Catch it on the back of your hand as it flips, or use two Tumble 360s; one to flip the other. Can you master one in each hand? There are endless tricks you can do, catching and flipping, or using multiple pieces.  Wooden Tumblers available in 6 assorted colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow & Natural.

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