Take six Mini Bilibos, add a customizable, bouncing die with 36 colour chips, and you have a fascinating construction set for countless games and play activities that will engage the whole family. Match colors, play tiddlywinks, stack and balance, flick and aim, throw and catch, sort, count and learn, roll the dice and invent your own games and open ended play.


Make the chips jump like tiddlywinks or flick them with your finger and aim for a Bilibo Mini as target


Use them as game pieces, play currency or even add different faces with a marker

Use the Bilibo Minis as sand shovels

The only limit is your imagination!


Box contains 6x Bilibo Minis (red, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink),1 Bilibo Pixel dice, 36 Bilibo Pixel chips, 1 pouch and booklet with ideas to get the creative juices flowing.