About Us



Too Cool for School originally started in 2005 as the ‘kids section’ of our established gift and home wares shop Blue Star Elements on Darby St, Cooks Hill. The first items we sold then were Ramones & rock T-shirts imported from the UK and Australia’s very own Rock Your Baby, which remains to this day our biggest selling brand. This modest venture eventually grew and took over the whole back room of Blue Star until one night over dinner I had a magnificent idea… How great would it be to open a kids shop, call it Too Cool for School and dedicate it to stocking only ridiculously cool stuff for the young ones.

We loved the name and concept so much and as a family decided to venture forth in a time of retail uncertainty and create what we have today.

Our objective is to market to the adults, because let’s face it, it’s the adults doing the shopping not the kids. Primary colours are a ‘no no’ and A for apple, Pink is for girls were so over done…It was time for a kids shop revolution!!

TCFS is for kids but a space where adults love to shop. Being unique is our point of difference and providing anything but the norm is our passion.