Our grandfather, grandfather Borowy knew that the forest gives joy. Our company has existed for three generations and no one remembers exactly when we were planing the first logs of wood. Everyone remembers this for 1969, when the first wooden toys came out of our hands ...

Grandfather loved creating new things that were fun.

However, times have changed. The expectations changed with them. We forgot about toys and took care of the details to create furniture. Beautiful details. Only the material has not changed. Wood has always been with us. The talent of Grandfather and his successors has allowed us to gain foreign markets successfully. However, with the passage of time, longing grew in us ... longing for wooden toys.

Times change ... And again, toys have come into our manufacture for the joy of our children and our children. 
We created Wooden Story - the land of toys. We say that the toys came to us from the forest, that they still smell of a tree and hear the sound of wind whipping through the leaves or needles. Grandfather Borowy, because in the name of Borowy's mother he was telling the truth: "creating for children also gives joy to adults". We know it very well. We created Wooden Story for love of nature and for children's happiness .

Gosia and Wiesiek Borowy