Children will be transported into their dream world by these sweet little figurines, each of which is inseparable from their cute, slightly unusual companion. 
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Djeco Luz Tinyly Necklace
Djeco Berry and Lila Tinyly Figurines
Djeco Paloma and Bogo Tinyly Figurine
Djeco Barbouille and Gribs Tinyly figurines
Djeco Joe and Gala Tinyly Figurines
Djeco Flore and Bloom Tinyly figurines
Djeco Tutti and Frutti Tinyly figurines
Djeco Sidonie and Zick Tinyly Figurine
Djeco Marinette and Scouic Tinyly Figurines
Djeco Elfe and Bolero Tinyly figurines
Djeco Cristale and Frizz Tinyly figurines
Djeco Miss Lilypink Tinyly Removable Stickers Set
Djeco Mini Meli-Melo Tinyly Observation Card Game
Djeco Mini Mistigri Tinyly Memory Card Game
Djeco Miss Lilyruby Tinyly Removable Stickers Set