Miniland dolls are the perfect "baby" for your baby! To our small folk these are not dolls but their baby. Anatomically correct and just like them, this gives a sense of connection. So cute and easy to love. xoxo 

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Miniland 38cm Blonde Caucasian Boy with underwear set
Miniland 38cm Brunette Caucasian Boy with underwear set
Miniland Caucasian Girl 38cm Down Syndrome
Miniland Eco Minimobil Set of 4 Vehicles
Miniland Aptitude Eco Beams Building Set, 32Pcs
Miniland Soft body Caucasian Doll 40cm
Miniland Latin American Girl 21cm
Miniland Caucasian Boy Doll 21cm
Miniland Soft-Body Latin American Doll 40cm
Miniland Necklace Pirate Treasure
Miniland Sensorial Reef