As parents, our priorities for our kids’ toys are universal – quality, safety, educational and fun.

Until 2007, micro® scooters were only available in Europe, so we set out to make them available in Australia. Now, years later we're still wholeheartedly recommending them as the best scooter a parent can buy for their kids, and the best scooter an adult can buy for commuting, and keeping up with the kids! Truly the best in modern mobility for the young, and the young at heart!

When you purchase a scooter from micro® Australia, you're buying more than an innovative, well designed product that you'll love.

  • All parts on micro® scooters are replaceable. To keep them safe and working well we have a large range of spare parts available to keep your scooter on the road for longer. 
  • micro® scooters are renowned for their quality and reliability and every scooter comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.