Play is essential to a child's development and Djeco's artistic and inventive approach to their collection of educational games and toys makes them a sound choice when buying for children.

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Djeco Transportation Stencils
Djeco Modelling Dough art kit for kids
Djeco Creepy Crawly Velvet Colouring art set
Djeco Fantasy Garden scratch art kit
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Djeco Adventures At Sea sticker activity set
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Djeco Animambo Handle Drum
Djeco Animambo Wooden Castanet
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Djeco Animambo Musical Carnivale
Djeco Animambo Timber Harmonica
Djeco The Orchestra Observational Puzzle 35pc
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Djeco 36pc Kokeishi Jigsaw Puzzle
Djeco Puzz'Art 350 Pce Octopus Jigsaw Puzzle
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Djeco Magic School Card Game
Djeco Happy Family Card Game
Djeco Seaworld PVC umbrella
Djeco Baby Tree Wooden Game
Djeco Timber and Natural Rubber Tortoise Teether
Djeco Little Collect Toddler Game
Djeco Classic Balancing Game
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Djeco Otto the pull along koala
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Djeco Owen Secret Diary for children
Djeco 10 Chichi Metallic Penclls
Djeco 10 Aiko Coloured Pencils
Djeco Aiko Eraser
Djeco Set of 8 Little Ones Colour Pencils
Djeco Set of 120 Animal Decals
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Djeco Joe and Gala Tinyly Figurines
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Djeco Cristale and Frizz Tinyly figurines
Djeco Tinyly Elfe Necklace
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Djeco Flore Tinyly Necklace
Djeco Milo and Mila's Family of 4 Dolls