Play is essential to a child's development and Djeco's artistic and inventive approach to their collection of educational games and toys makes them a sound choice when buying for children.

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Djeco Dinosaur Stencils art kit
Djeco Dinosaur Puppet Craft Kit
Djeco Wild Animals Stencils Kit
Djeco Quilling Craft Kit
Djeco Marie Set of 2 Little Notebooks
Djeco Rose Notebook
Djeco Aiko Eraser
Djeco Tactilo Basic Wooden Game
Djeco Farm Domino Game
Djeco Wooden 3 Layer Tree House Puzzle
Djeco Giant 36pc Pirate Jigsaw Puzzle
Djeco Cabanimo Wooden Animal Puzzle
Djeco Set of 3 Toddler Paintbrushes
Djeco Mini Mistigri Tinyly Memory Card Game
Djeco Milo and Mila's Family of 4 Dolls
Djeco Leon the Dragon Giant Jigsaw Puzzle
Djeco Dress Up Sticker Set
Djeco Garden Pals Collage Scene
Djeco Coucou Cow Puzzle
Djeco Animals Stickers Set
Djeco Animambo Rain Stick
Djeco Bang Bang Tattoos
Djeco Dinosaur Stickers 160 Set
Djeco Floating Boats Origami
Djeco Planes Origami Kit