A Baby Shower or BabyQ is an important and fun passage to parenthood. 

During the Victorian era the modern baby shower found its roots. At this time these celebrations took place after the baby’s birth, as pregnancy was considered a taboo subject and infant mortality was high. The new mother would be honoured at a tea party which included playful games. In the early 1900s, these tea parties became showers, involving handmade gifts for the mother. During the baby boom era after WWII, the baby shower, now celebrated just before the babies birth, became a means for friends and family to lessen the financial burden of caring for a newborn, while honouring the impending transition to motherhood.

These days the tradition is to celebrate the upcoming birth of ( usually the first) baby. It's a time of well wishes, birth stories, gift giving, preparation for baby and just a wonderful place to celebrate becoming parents.

And I have to say I LOVE the modern version of including the fathers!...BabyQ! :-) 

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