Aren't these some funny times we are in? While the slower days can be wonderful it can be super challenging to fill in all these empty hours. Crafting is an awesome go-to and doesn't have to be complex or expensive. And here comes Mothers' Day! Our first year without those fun little packages the kids' bring home from school. So the time is right for some fresh ideas for a specially crafted gift for mum. 

I have a great idea that I'll lay out in a series of three blog posts. These individual little projects can be brought together in the end to create a unique and beautiful piece.

This first project, painting stones, starts with sticking on some gumboots or getting your bare toes into the sand and collecting a little bucket full of stones.

It's so easy to paint stones. I like to think of them as mini canvases waiting for me to create mini art works. The size and shape are up to you but I've collected lots of flat and smooth stones of varying sizes. The smoother the better for painting.

Ok now gather up your paint and your brushes. Acrylic is the best and I've used Reeves brand from Eckersley's (which is a crafty dream shop). I chose five colours as I wanted to have a nice variegated rainbow pattern in the end. You'll need this paint for our upcoming projects as well.

The painting part is easy enough but can be a tad fussy, especially if you want to paint both sides. You'll have to find some patience and wait for each side to dry. Keep flipping them back and forth and do 2 to 3 coats ideally. I highly recommend some good background music and a plate of nibbles to help things along. 

There you are...a big pile of BEAUTIFUL stones. Easy peasy. Make designs, patterns, stack them up. Stay tuned to our blogs as I have more projects that will totally jive with these pretty stones. Watch for instructions on building a sweet miniature shell and stone garden...something special for mum! 





Angela Phillips

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