Hello to our crafty crew! Did you have a go at the Painted Rainbow Stones? Move that pile to the side of the table and gather up your stuff to continue on our theme of natural objects made even prettier with funky paint colours with Painted Rainbow Sticks! These little projects will eventually all mesh nicely to make a one-of-a-kind Mama's Day gift!

Ok so same thing as with the painted stones. Here's a great excuse for a little beach or bush walk to collect a bushel of sticks. Grab different thicknesses, different lengths, and different shapes. You don't want any that are too huge and won't fit nicely in a vase of your choice. Do try to collect up the smoothest ones you can find as they are less fussy to paint. Dry driftwood is awesome for this! 

After making sure your sticks are nice and dry you'll need to set yourself up with some newspaper, your acrylic paints, brushes and a big bowl of chippies to snack on. Now just paint the sticks using your variety of colours that you chose for your painted stones. This will need a bit of patience as each bit dries and you can roll it to the next spot needing paint. Have a bunch on the go at once.

So once you've done a couple coats and they are dry you will have a sweet bushel of very pretty sticks. Arrange them in a vase or keep on with the craftiness by turning them into funky flowers!

To create your flowers is nice and simple. Cut out some colourful, squiggly flower heads. Use coloured craft paper or paint some on plain paper and cut those out. The squigglier the better! Just stick those onto the ends of your sticks with glue or blue tack and there you have it...a very unique and inexpensive bouquet of flowers. Make someone's day! 

 And stay tuned to see how you can use some of these pretty sticks to help create a special gift for Mothers' Day!





Angela Phillips

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