Hello crafters! Ok so this post wraps up our series of how to paint up a variety of bits and pieces found in nature. Time to manifest something original and beautiful for all the original and beautiful mamas! 


If you've been painting along with us you may have a nice little collection of lovely painted stones and sticks. Maybe you even tried shells or seed pods or pine cones? Or maybe you went that much further (like Angela) and couldn't stop painting everything in sight...

So now's the time to get creative and put some of these funky bits together. Dig around and see if you can find a cool vessel of some old planter, a teapot, a casserole dish, anything like that. Fill it with a bit of beach sand and then have a bit of a play. Arrange your pieces into what could be described as a fairy garden, an underwater playground, or even an undiscovered planet. If you stop by our shop you'll see a bunch of fun ideas that have come out of the crafty house of Ange. 

We wish you a relaxing, and joyful weekend celebrating all the mums out there. 




Angela Phillips

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