We are dedicated to reducing plastic in all things we do.

This is something we have been doing for sometime at the shop with a big push to "plastic-less" toys and games more so in the last year. 

This cause is being pushed by the consumer just as much as it is by us the shop keepers. And what a great cause to follow!!

Our hope is that, we will be as "plastic-less" as possible whilst still showcasing  the coolest and fun things around for kids and babies.

We also understand that plastics can play a useful and important part in all of our lives.

The key is to be smart, try not to use (single use) plastic bags and if you must then why not recycle them when you can't avoid it, ( we use bread bags as doggie poop bags when we have run out of the biodegradable ones)

Wooden toys may be a little more expensive but will last a lot longer on average to plastic toys and if broken and discarded you have not added to the tragic plastic pollution!

Angela Phillips

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