Dreaming of all things kid!

Dreaming of all things kid!

During the journey of creating this new website I found myself going to bed at night with my brain refusing to shut down! I would wake myself (and my poor partner) up through the night saying  "Yes the new Rock Your Baby is coming", have very vivid dreams about the latest Converse with Stance socks to match, and how much our customers are going to go crazy over the super cool POP figures!!

It's funny how something that you are so passionate about can impact all areas of your life. Even when I was determined to have a day without chaining myself to the computer, like a moth to the flame I would sit down and boot her up! Then tell myself "It's just for half an hour" and "I'll just add the new Munster then i'll stop", before I knew it 4 hours had passed and my eyes were tingling with Alphabet Soup goodness and Automoblox excitement!! 

Now it has come to an end and our lovely customers get to experience what has been belting around in my head for the last couple of months! We hope you love it!! But if you don't......... Don't tell Dani :P

Angela Phillips

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